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Effectively Negotiating with Trade Unions

It is essential that employers have an effective working relationship with their trade unions.

However sometimes opposing views, rigid legal processes and limited timescales mean agreements between organisations and unions can be hard to reach. Ensuring your organisation is able to effectively carry out constructive and ultimately successful negotiations with your Trade Union is vital.

Highlights of Effectively Negotiating with Trade Unions

  • Real-life examples & experience
  • Negotiation scenario exercise
  • Getting to grips with models of negotiation
  • Dealing with attitudes, behaviour & perceptions
  • How does the negotiation process work?
  • Breaking down deadlocks
  • Preparing your employees for negotiations
  • Strategic planning and achieving your core business objectives

We will tailor the course to suit your organisation's needs. This is a preliminary outline to give you a taste of what we typically offer when delivering this course in-house. After an in-depth discussion between your organisation and the trainer, we will develop a course outline which meets the specific needs of your team. 

We can also deliver this course virtually, or as webinar modules.

Which functions will benefit from attending

  • HR & Recruitment
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Immigration Specialists
  • Vetting & Screening
  • Security & Risk
  • Operations & Administration




  • Understanding & expectations: the difference between communication,
    consultation & negotiation
  • How can union policies & processes impact your negotiation?
    Why do talks break down?
  • How to approach negotiations – attitudes & pre-conceptions


  • The difference between recognition, collective and national agreements
  • How collective bargaining works in practice
  • Dealing with disputes, internal and external dispute resolution
  • Are your employees and representatives prepared for negotiation?


  • Perceptions – TU strengths & weaknesses
  • Strategic planning: Core Business Objectives: Identifying the actual issue
    from the 'noise'
  • How to prepare for a negotiation using principles: 15 questions & their
    multiple uses including; dealing with confrontation, moving away from
    point-scoring to constructive dialogue and building shared outcomes,
    supporting representatives facing issues with members
  • Strategy & Implementation: How do you use models to aid negotiation?
  • A detailed insight: How does the negotiation process work?
  • How can this be practically applied in the workplace?
  • Option-based negotiation model: Decision making timescales – in the
    moment vs. considered
  • Ensuring best outcomes & better operations: focussing on acceptable
    implementation of organisation’s policies
  • Interest based negotiation model: Making progress when scope for negotiation
    is extremely limited


Attendees will have the chance to put what they have learnt throughout
the day into practice and develop their negotiation skills and approaches in this valuable training exercise

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