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Simon graduated from Cambridge University, and qualified as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG. While there he specialised in high precision engineering companies and financial services. He worked as head of finance at various large companies including the AA, Bank of Ireland and the Prudential. He was chief executive of Partnership Assurance, a specialist in impaired life assurance and long term care.

Simon has also qualified as an independent financial adviser, and is building a portfolio of retail clients. He is a director and part owner at Better Retirement Group Limited and at The National Careline. He is a Trustee of employee ownership trust Dustscan. At Better Retirement Simon is responsible for onboarding new employees compliantly with the expectations of the Financial Conduct Authority. He chose to outsource a major part of pre-employment screening to Eurocom CI.

Simon spends time with his family, keeps chickens, reads history and is treasurer of Oxfordshire CAMRA

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